Thursday, 25 December 2014 is not working ? solution is here. How to open mega download website in blocked condition? is not working ? solution is here. How to open mega download website in blocked condition? is one of the biggest cloud sharing based website in these days. But this website doesn't work in all countries because it is blocked by few counteris ISP or goverment bodies. So if you want to surf this website then you will need some technical help.
well To surf website you need only one software.
So click here to download this software.

after download use 'manutechehelp' password to extract this software.
now run this software.
this will ask some firewall access permission so just accept that warning and you will see an lock sign on your right desktop right corner. means you are ready to surf blocked website.
now open your browser and visit your mega link and you will see its working now.

Monday, 24 November 2014

how to change Header height in travelify theme in wordpress ?

Here i am going to show you a quick Guide to reduce the Top space of header height in travelify theme in wordpress...
this theme is very nice but the problem is this is quite complicated also.
So here is guide

  1. First of all open your wordpress editor.
  2. Now go to your stylesheet.
  3. now search for these codes 
/* =Header
#branding {
margin-top: 45px;
.hgroup-wrap {
padding-top: 2px;
padding-bottom: 2px;
.hgroup-wrap a {
display: block;
#site-logo {
float: left;
margin-top: 42px;

4. Now these are the code your have to modify.

now replace the above code with this one

#branding {
margin-top: 2px;
.hgroup-wrap {
padding-top: 2px;
padding-bottom: 2px;
.hgroup-wrap a {
display: block;
#site-logo {
float: left;
margin-top: 2px;

Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to create Bootable Mac OSx USB drive in windows to install Mac osx in any macbook ?

Hello friends,
here we will show you how you can create a bootable Mac OSx USb drive.
So first of all you need these things.
1 A pc with Windows.
2 An dmg/iso image of MacOSx.
3 and transmac software.

Now it is easy to do so.
simply install transmac
Then use any 8 GB or above USB drive.
Now run transmac.
you will see your drive in transmac.
now right click on your drive and choose restore disk image and select your mac mdg/iso file...
now click ok and done

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

how to Enable Create USB Disk option in bootcamp 4.0 version in mac.

bootcamp 4.0 doesn't have create bootable disk option by default so we have to enable it.

This will help you to install windows in case of when super drive is dead so you don't have any other option rather then installing windows from usb.

So lets start
1 first of all you have to go applications in mac.
2 then go to utility
3 then go the boot camp app and right click on it and click on browse content.
4. now look there a file name like info.plist
5 now open that file.
now you will see something Locked written in its title means you don't have permission to edit it so now you have to change its permission.
so to do so you have to right click on that .plist file and scroll down to permissions and change it to read and write.
If your name is not in the list there then click on '+' sign and add your name there.
if you are not able to do so then click on small lock sign at bottom right................

Saturday, 15 November 2014

how to open Task manager in Mac OSX ?

Are you new at MAC OSX then you will sure searh for Task manager as like windows.
But in Mac OSX doesn't have this with same name.
In Mac OSX task manager is "Activity manager"
So to open this just search with name Activity and you will see it in your list or you can also launch this by Launchped also .
After launching it you can see which process is runing with unresponding 

Page down, Page up, Home other Shortcut keys in mac.

Hello friends,
I was searching for Shortcut key for Page download, page up, home and other Shortcut key in Mac book.
well after search i got some result about this.
In mac book function key "fn" Play some interesting role in it..
so here are some shortcut keys for Page down,up, and Home, end in mac OSx.
fn+ is PageUp
fn+ is PageDown
fn+ is Home
fn+ is End

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to install Wordpress in Mac OSX?

Hello friends,
once again here i am with new common problem related to installation of wordpress in mac OSx.
if you are thinking to setup a new wordpress blog and want to run at localhost then you should install wordpress at local and then modify it before it goes live.
Well lets start how to Setup a new copy of Wordpress 4.0 on Mac OSx 10.7.4 (in any version).
To do so you have to Download only 2 things

1. Xampp Server for Mac OSx (Click here to go to download page)
2. Wordpress latest Zip (Click here to go to download page)

  1. After complete the download you will get something like xampp bla bla bla.dmg file
  2. Just double click on it.
  3. This will start installation of xampp in your macbook.
  4. When installation complete them run the program.
  5. You will see 3 option like start My SQL, Start PFTP bla bla and start Apache server. You have to choose start all.
  6. After start all these 3 things you will notice Green lights in xampp.
  7. Now open browser and Type "localhost"
  8. xampp should run now. now Click on "phpmyadmin"
  9. Here you will see some option like "create new database", just fill the name for your database and click on create new database, you will see a green right sign as you successfully create a database.
  10. Now you have database and now you have to setup your wordpress. To do so first extract your wordpress files by double click on zip file downloaded in Mac OSx.
  11. This will extract a folder name with "wordpress"
  12. Now copy this Folder and paste it here (Go to application > xampp > htdocs > paste here)
  13. You can change this folder name according to your website name or leave it as it.
  14. Now open this folder and Search a file called "wp-config-sample.php".
  15. open this php file and search in this file something like "DB_database name you database name here", DB_user Your username here and something like this.
  16. Now replace "database name here" with your database name that you created in phpmyadmin.
  17. replace username with "root"
  18. And Delete the "Your password here" and leave it blank like "",
  19. Now save this php file with renaming it "wp-config.php"
  20. Done ....You are almost done now.
  21. now go to browser and type "localhost/your wordpress folder name" and hit entert.
  22. You should see famous 5 minute installation webpage of wordpress.
  23. Now fill all the requirements and Run your first wordpress website at your local server.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to visit Blocked pages ?

Hello friends, before few time ago few countries banned in their territory so we can't visit some important links.
here i will show you the shortest method to visit those links in proper way.
You can do it in many way but the simplest way is by replacing the address.
how ?
lets see.
First of all open that link
you will see something link this as you open blocked web page.

all webpage will be loaded with blank page.
now you have to put this before your web address "https://"

after this press enter.
Done 1

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to install Mac osX with Pendrive on Macbook ?

How to install Mac with Pendrive on Mac book ?

I faced this problem too much when my macbook super drive was not working.
when super drive was not working i was not able to re install any operating system on mac book then i search may way and tried them but didn't get any success.
There was one way to install OS again with help of pen drive.
but mac book was not able to respond to any type of pen D .
then i got one solution from somewhere.
now sharing that.

First of all you should have Mac OS disk image in ISO.
if dont have any then just go with any desktop with windows OS and install this software .
After complete the install insert your Mac OS DVD in dvd drive and Make an ISO image of that inserted DVD.
now again use this Software to make an bootable USB drive.
Before starting you have to format your USB pen drive with Fat32 and then begin.
Now use this Software and run it as administrator.
Just go to "Tools" and use option make bootable USB. and select Mac os ISO image and select your USb device.

After all process done then insert this USb device in your mac book and start it.
when you listen an chime sound then hold Option key.
you will see Install OSX dvd then install mac.