Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to install Mac osX with Pendrive on Macbook ?

How to install Mac with Pendrive on Mac book ?

I faced this problem too much when my macbook super drive was not working.
when super drive was not working i was not able to re install any operating system on mac book then i search may way and tried them but didn't get any success.
There was one way to install OS again with help of pen drive.
but mac book was not able to respond to any type of pen D .
then i got one solution from somewhere.
now sharing that.

First of all you should have Mac OS disk image in ISO.
if dont have any then just go with any desktop with windows OS and install this software .
After complete the install insert your Mac OS DVD in dvd drive and Make an ISO image of that inserted DVD.
now again use this Software to make an bootable USB drive.
Before starting you have to format your USB pen drive with Fat32 and then begin.
Now use this Software and run it as administrator.
Just go to "Tools" and use option make bootable USB. and select Mac os ISO image and select your USb device.

After all process done then insert this USb device in your mac book and start it.
when you listen an chime sound then hold Option key.
you will see Install OSX dvd then install mac.

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