Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to install Wordpress in Mac OSX?

Hello friends,
once again here i am with new common problem related to installation of wordpress in mac OSx.
if you are thinking to setup a new wordpress blog and want to run at localhost then you should install wordpress at local and then modify it before it goes live.
Well lets start how to Setup a new copy of Wordpress 4.0 on Mac OSx 10.7.4 (in any version).
To do so you have to Download only 2 things

1. Xampp Server for Mac OSx (Click here to go to download page)
2. Wordpress latest Zip (Click here to go to download page)

  1. After complete the download you will get something like xampp bla bla bla.dmg file
  2. Just double click on it.
  3. This will start installation of xampp in your macbook.
  4. When installation complete them run the program.
  5. You will see 3 option like start My SQL, Start PFTP bla bla and start Apache server. You have to choose start all.
  6. After start all these 3 things you will notice Green lights in xampp.
  7. Now open browser and Type "localhost"
  8. xampp should run now. now Click on "phpmyadmin"
  9. Here you will see some option like "create new database", just fill the name for your database and click on create new database, you will see a green right sign as you successfully create a database.
  10. Now you have database and now you have to setup your wordpress. To do so first extract your wordpress files by double click on zip file downloaded in Mac OSx.
  11. This will extract a folder name with "wordpress"
  12. Now copy this Folder and paste it here (Go to application > xampp > htdocs > paste here)
  13. You can change this folder name according to your website name or leave it as it.
  14. Now open this folder and Search a file called "wp-config-sample.php".
  15. open this php file and search in this file something like "DB_database name you database name here", DB_user Your username here and something like this.
  16. Now replace "database name here" with your database name that you created in phpmyadmin.
  17. replace username with "root"
  18. And Delete the "Your password here" and leave it blank like "",
  19. Now save this php file with renaming it "wp-config.php"
  20. Done ....You are almost done now.
  21. now go to browser and type "localhost/your wordpress folder name" and hit entert.
  22. You should see famous 5 minute installation webpage of wordpress.
  23. Now fill all the requirements and Run your first wordpress website at your local server.

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