Wednesday, 19 November 2014

how to Enable Create USB Disk option in bootcamp 4.0 version in mac.

bootcamp 4.0 doesn't have create bootable disk option by default so we have to enable it.

This will help you to install windows in case of when super drive is dead so you don't have any other option rather then installing windows from usb.

So lets start
1 first of all you have to go applications in mac.
2 then go to utility
3 then go the boot camp app and right click on it and click on browse content.
4. now look there a file name like info.plist
5 now open that file.
now you will see something Locked written in its title means you don't have permission to edit it so now you have to change its permission.
so to do so you have to right click on that .plist file and scroll down to permissions and change it to read and write.
If your name is not in the list there then click on '+' sign and add your name there.
if you are not able to do so then click on small lock sign at bottom right................

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